Agricultural innovations are required to give impetus to Rural Industry in order to suffice the home demands and globalization.While housing is a primary need that is potentially an engine for growth, agricultural structures such as green houses, grain and vegetable dryers, cattle shelters, grain silos are essential for improving the competitiveness of Indian agriculture and ensuring food security as recognized by National Horticulture Mission. Hence, under Component 4 of National Agricultural Innovation Project (NAIP) of Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), the above program is being launched. The objective of NAIP under component 4 is to build capacity to undertake basic and strategic research in frontier areas of agricultural sciences to meet challenges in technology development in the immediate and predictable future. The present sub-project on "Bamboo as a Green Engineering Material in Rural Housing and Agricultural Infrastructure for Sustainable Economy", having roots in HUDCO - IITD collaborative effort namely "National Resource Facility for Bamboo Technology (NRFBT)" and pioneering work done at Haritha Ecological Institute A.P., aims at establishing a Rural Based industry that will give impetus to rural economy by realization of potential of Bamboo as a Green Engineering Material in sustainable and economically viable way.

This project aims to develop standard specifications and guidelines for usage of bamboo for different structural applications and the effect of preservative treatments through systematic scientific investigations. Moreover, to assure designs with safe life, detailed study on the long term creep/fatigue behavior and durability issues for the bamboo, bamcrete elements and the joints will be carried out. This requires extensive experimentation. This project endeavors to establish realistic test procedure and cost effective instruments which will be necessary to generate the extensive data. Idea of shaping bamboo in the growing stage for direct structural application will be tested. Moreover, demo-structure of the agricultural infrastructure - rural house, cattle shelter, green house and grain silos - will be constructed using the outcome of the above research.

Why Bamboo?

Construction industry is one of the most polluting industries of the world

Production of 1 ton of cement emits > 1 ton of CO2 in the atmosphere
Production of 1 ton of steel emits > 2 ton of CO2 in the atmosphere

Need For Present Research :

Bamboo, a non-characterized and non-validated material having vast potential in Agricultural infrastructure including rural housing.

Lack of effective eco-friendly preservative treatment.


Innovations :

Systematic study of rheological properties of different species of Bamboo material.
Shaping Bamboo in its initial growth stage for structural applications.

Systemetic Study of Traditional Bamboo structures and experimental evaluation of novel Bamboo Concrete Composite (Bamcrete) structures and establishment of their testing, design and construction methodologies.